Artikel in internationalem, renommierten Magazin publiziert

Using your own Story

Anton Dörig schreibt für das internationale Security Management Magazin

Im August 2019 ist im Magazin Security Management ein 6-seitiger Artikel von Anton Dörig erschienen. Der Beitrag wurde unter der Rubrik "Strategic Security" - "CSO/Leadership"  bzw. "Managing" veröffentlicht. Dieses renommierte Magazin wurde bereits international ausgezeichnet und gehört zur weltweiten Organisation ASIS International.


"A security manager’s personal and professional journey can be the basis for compelling stories that educate, inspire, and make emotional connections.


Stories wield immense power. They capture emotions and make the listener think. They often motivate us to imitate, or to refrain. They can move people into action.


For these reasons, stories offer great value for security leaders. Stories based on a leader’s own personal history, experience, and career can trigger emotions in listeners that convince and energize them to make necessary decisions and take important steps. And stories cement one’s legacy; those who have nothing to tell will be forgotten sooner than those who have something to say. But many security leaders and managers can do a better job of using their own stories than they have in the past. ..."


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