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About Anton Doerig - Briefly summarized

Anton Doerig: Interantional Expert & Advisor | Keynote Speaker & Author for LEADERSHIP - MANAGEMENT - SAFETY & SECURITY

ANTON DOERIG BA, CSM, F.ISRM - Expert & Advisor | Keynote Speaker & Author - has been successful for more than 25 years in management positions of various military, private and public security and safety areas at regional, national and international level.


His knowledge and experience are frequently asked for in top management positions of (large) companies and public institutions as well as in international associations, organizations and committees, up to board members and regional executives for Europe. His experience in various industries regarding LEADERSHIP - MANAGEMENT - SAFETY & SECURITY is unique and has an effect not only in keynotes, talks and seminars but in providing expert for companies, public organizations and executives of all management levels.


The former Swiss Military Police Instructor and CSO (Chief Security Officer) / Head of Corporate Security has been very successful as an independent "sparring-partner", better than many advisors and coaches. He supports companies and executives in complementing high level leadership skills with corporate security in order to actively accept challenges and take clear decisions on time. And, as a result, recognize purpose, achieve goals and stop jeopardizing hard-earned achievements.

Attract people and lead them with safety and security to their goals

- with clarity, passion and implementation!

The new book by Anton Doerig

Leadership. safe & secure.

The New Leadership & Management Book by Anton Doerig: Leadership. Safe & Secure.

 "Leadership. Safe and Secure.’ is an almost perfect book, full of stories, insights, experiences and lessons that will be applicable to anyone involved in any aspect of security and risk management – or in fact, management in any form."

Dr David Rubens, D.SyRM, CsyP, F.ISRM; Executive Director at The Institute of Strategic Risk Management, UK


International Attention

Anton Doerig as a guest in an US podcast show

Anton Doerig as a Guest in an US Podcast Show - Talking About his Career and Book "Leadership. Safe & Secure."

Swiss Military to Cop to Corporate to Leadership Book Author!


Anton Doerig was once again a guest in a famous podcast show from California / USA. This time, the focus was not only on his experience as an expert & advisor | keynote speaker & author, but also on his professional career. With Carlos Francisco, CPP he talked about leadership and the challenge in various branches, such as military, law enforcement, and the security industry of public and private organizations, among others.


But it was also about his book LEADERSHIP. SAFE & SECURE. and what stories, advice, hints etc. it contains. So don't miss out and listen to this episode right now with many, wonderful "golden nuggets". - Enjoy!





Two guys and more than just a "similar common" mission and professional background. – Listen and see and get the best out of for your professional environment!

Thank you Carlos Francisco for this great interview and wonderful time in your show! Take care of you and your familiy.


Carlos Francisco wrote on social media: "Anton Doerig, B.A., CSM, F.ISRM and I break down his career on the way to corporate and further speak about leadership in the corporate world. We talk about command & control, passionate leadership, education, being a mentor, and how your spirit leads your environment."


Link to the interview on youtube: The Corporate Security Translator

Leadership. Safe & secure. – an international success story!

Anton Doerig is an interview guest on the international Healthcare Security Cast

Anton Doerig as an Interview Guest on the International Healthcare Security Cast



On this episode Brine Hamilton, CHPA is joined by Anton Doerig, B.A., CSM, F.ISRM discussing insights from his 25 years of security experience that he has encapsulated in his book, "Leadership. Safe & Secure" which is a very personal account of his journey and the lessons learned. We are giving away a copy of the book, tune in for details on how to win. In addition to an impressive security career and his writing, Anton also speaks 4 languages.


The Healthcare Security Cast - Episode 105:
Interview with Anton Doerig / LEADERSHIP. SAFE & SECURE.


Better than

Coaching & Consulting

Anton Doerig: International Expert & Adviser | Keynote Speaker & Author for LEADERSHIP - MANAGEMENT - SECURITY & SAFETY

As an experte & advisor | keynote speaker & author he supplements his versatile and professional experience with competence from his university studies in Germany and Switzerland in the areas of general management, leadership and security management. He is convinced that lifelong learning is a must for one's own further development and has thus acquired several vocational qualifications in a variety of fields at tertiary level over the years.


He passes on his broad yet specialized knowledge and skills to all interested parties in an open, honest, focused and sometimes provocative manner. This can be seen above all in the successful change management process of several companies and institutions that he accompanied and the passionate keynotes he held at several events. He writes articles and books on these important topics and is a popular lecturer at colleges and universities in these fields. In his work, not only everyday operational nor strategic topics from personnel management and corporate management are actively incorporated but also experience from special situations such as security, safety, emergency, crisis and business continuity management.


All resulting in an exciting and perfect mixture for the desired change of perspective and more than just an impulse for personal and entrepreneurial success!


Key Message

"Leaders must be given clarity about themselves, about their vision and which team they want to realize it with. They must rediscover, strengthen and above all use their passion so that they choose the right strategy for implementation, apply the necessary discipline and exercise patience and use time efficiently. You have to create a safe and secure environment in order to attract the ideal employees and lead them successfully to the desired goal."

Anton Dörig: Top-Empfehlung bei Proven Expert!


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