New book by Anton Doerig!

Leadership. Safe & secure.

A great Book for an international Readership

Leadership. Safe & Secure. - The New Book by Anton Doerig
New book by Anton Doerig: Leadership. Safe & Secure.

“Leadership. Safe and Secure. is an almost perfect book, full of stories, insights, experiences and lessons that will be applicable to anyone involved in any aspect of security and risk management – or in fact, management in any form.”
- Dr. David Rubens, D.SyRM, CSyP, F.ISRM; Executive Director at The Institute of Strategic Risk Management, UK

Life is a journey in which you have many unique – sometimes difficult - experiences. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. Nothing is certain, not now and not in the future. Through his many experiences both in private and business environments, Anton Doerig is an expert in leadership and security, and in this groundbreaking book he shares his experiences with you.
Leadership. Safe & Secure. deals with self-management in combination with safety & security. The author encourages you, the reader, to reflect on and question your behavior in self-, employee- and company management. He combines this with the challenges of holistic Safety & Security and Emergency & Crisis Management as no one has done before. It is not always easy to be honest with yourself and those around you, but it is essential for a secure and sustainable success. A success that that you deserve, both privately and professionally!

ANTON DOERIG - Expert & Advisor | Keynote Speaker & Author - has been successful in management positions of various military, private, and public safety and security areas at regional, national and international levels for more than 20 years. Today, his focus is on coaching executives and advising companies and on giving keynotes on the connection between and the intersection of leadership, management and safety & security - all resulting in an exciting and perfect mixture for a desired change of perspective, far more than just an impulse for personal and entrepreneurial success!


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