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Leadership. Safe & secure.

The new book by Anton Doerig

Leadership. Safe & Secure. - The New Book by Anton Doerig
New book by Anton Doerig: Leadership. Safe & Secure.

My statement at this time to all people around the globe:


💥 I never thought that my latest book would fit this time so well. The many stories, hints and tips allow the necessary change of perspective especially today. - We are all facing great challenges, now more than ever!


💎 Therefore, I am very grateful to be able to make a global contribution with this book for all entrepreneurs, executives, managers and private individuals during these difficult times.


🛡 I wish you all success, stay healthy and safe!







“Anton Doerig’s book on 'Leadership' is a great guide on how to move from academic leadership theories to a successful and practical implementation process. His approach away from theoretical towards exemplary and visionary leadership is worth reading.”

Dr. Richard WERNER EMBA; General Manager Risk Control RCC Ltd., Europe and President of the Non-Profit-Organisation Private Group PnCG, Switzerland


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